Keep Quiet - Harry Styles

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Request: Harry smut where your on vaca with your family and their in the bedroom next to you so he wants you to be quiet (obvi) and ties up your mouth and does some other kinky shit
Word Count: 1339.

Harry intertwines his fingers with yours, squeezing onto your hand as you let your head rest on his shoulder. He pulls you closer to him and sighs in happiness, your eyes gazing at the setting sun. He leans his head down to yours and rests it there, pulling your hand up to his lips and kissing it lightly. Your family thought it would be fun to bring your boyfriend along on the three day vacation to the beach you take every year. The weekend had been absolutely perfect and you’d never felt closer to him.

The only thing is, your parents were always around to watch the both of you. You were craving just as little as Harry’s lips against yours. But whenever you thought you had the chance, your mom would pop her head in the room or your dad would decide to drag you out into the water. They dont mind a kiss, of course. But it was more of what came after that would get awkward so Harry would always leave you with a soft peck to your awaiting lips, grab onto your hand and continue like he didnt want more.

You could feel the tension burn off of him as you both lie in a reclining chair together on a balcony overlooking the beach. He runs his fingers through your soft hair before tilting your head back to kiss you and for the first time in a few days, continue it, locking his lips with yours and cupping your face in his hands. You couldnt help but grab at him anywhere you could, moaning into his mouth.

You placed your hands on his, urging him to touch you, pulling them down to your shirt. He reached up under it to massage your breasts, whimpering as you shudder against the cold skin. He pulls away from the kiss with a smacking sound when you hear foot steps approach, letting his hands fall. Your mom and dad come out to the balcony, smiling at the both of you.

"Its getting late," Your mom says. "We’re going to bed and you should probably get inside." She looks around. "Bugs."

"Yeah." You say, climbing off Harry’s lap and walking inside. He follows, along with your parents. They walk toward their bedroom, closing the door behind them. Harry was instructed to sleep on the pull out couch, not in your bedroom so he sets it up as you help him stretch the sheets over the cusions.

"Harry." You whisper, placing a pillow onto the bed.

"Hmm?" He hums, unfolding and draping a blanket over the sheets, spreading it out. He removes his shirt and climbs in, looking up at you.

"I…" You sit down. "I miss you."

"Im right here." He smiles, pushing your hair out of your face and leaning up to kiss you.

"No, Harry. I miss you." You put emphaces on the ‘miss’, his eyes narrowing until he gets it.

"I miss you, too." He says softly. "We go home tomorrow, we can be alone then."

He doesnt get it. You get frustrated and scoot a little closer. “I need you.”

"I need you too, baby." Is he fucking dumb?

"Now." You state and he gulps, wanting it just as bad. He slows his breathing before he gets to worked up.

"Im sorry, I wish we could." He looks down at his hands.

"Come on." You grab him, pulling him out of his bed. "We’ll lock the door, please." He looks at you for a moment, considering it before giving in.

"Alright, come on." He walks into your bedroom and you close the door behind you, locking it. He turns to you, pushing you against the nearest wall with force.

"Harry, my parents are right next door, be careful." He nods, leaning in to kiss you deeply and run his hands up and down your body, begging to get closer. He moans into your mouth as you trail your hands to his pants, pressing against his erection. He moves away from you to push them down to his ankles.

He reaches forward to undress you, ripping your clothes off before you can take a breath of air, pressing his entire body to yours. His skin is hot against you, wanting badly to feel more, taking you over to the bed and lying you down. You pull him down to attach your lips to his but he pulls away to trail wet kisses down your body. You moan softly when he licks around the bottom of your stomach.

"Keep quiet." He says, reminding you about your parents. He pushes two fingers into you roughly and you groan long and loud. "Shh, baby."

He kisses the inside of your thighs and you put your hands over your face, trying to calm down. Harry’s lips find your most sensitive area and you whimper, looking down at his curls spilling over you as he sucks your clit with force.

"Harry, please." You beg when he slows down the pace of his fingers. He jams then up farther, causing a loud yelp to leave your throat. He reaches his other hand up to slap it over your mouth and you shudder against him.

He licks and sucks all over you, bringing you closer to the edge. His tongue travles around your folds before his lips attach to your clit again, rubbing his tongue against it. A muffled moan goes against his hand and he hums into you, sending vibrations up for body.

Your body wiggles around him as you cum, screaming into his hand before relaxing and coming down from your high.  Harry kisses up your body and to your lips, biting on your lower one as he slides himself up and down your slit. You shiver against him, whimpering in his ear and urging him to get inside you.

He obeys, pushing all the way in in one smooth thrust, moving easily with your wetness. Harry grabs onto the headbored and he hits your G-Spot perfectly, moving in and out of you in a fast pace. 

"Fuck, baby. Youre so tight." He whispers, panting above you. Youre still sensitive and cant control the moans that leave you. Harry gives you so much pleasure you can never keep quiet during sex. "Shh, shh." He covers your mouth again.

You bite down onto his hand and he removes it with a gasp, shaking it out. He grins at you, running it down your body to rub his thumb over your clit. You whimper as he pounds into you, slamming the bed against the wall.

"Harry. Slow down, please." You warn him. The sounds of the bed could wake up your parents. Harry shakes his head, going faster. "Harry!" Your nails scratch down his back. He lifts you up, your legs wrapping around his waist. He lies your back on the cold floor, pulling out and slamming back into you.

"Fuck." You moan, grabbing at his chest and letting your head hit the ground. He squeezes your breasts, sending shivers throughout you and causing more groans. He places his hand over your mouth again as you cum, clenching around him tightly and he moans himself, not able to control himself anymore.

"Ugh, you feel so good around me, baby. Fuck. Im so close." He tries to keep his mouth closed to mute the sounds he’s making but its so hard for him. You clench around him more, pushing him closer to the edge. He leans forward to push deeper and your getting to sensitive. You feel another orgasm arise out of you, taking over your whole body and you scream loudly into Harry’s hand, your eyes rolling to the back of your head.

He cums, shooting his warm load deep inside you and you pull him down to kiss you. Harry pulls out and rolls beside you calming down and slowing his breathing.

"Fuck, I missed that." He says grabbing onto your hand.

"Me too." You whisper. "You should probably get to bed before my mom or dad finds you gone."

"Yeah," He sighs, kissing you again and getting up. "Goodnight. I love you." He grabs his clothes, getting dressed and walking out.

"I love you, too."


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